Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Project "NO TO COMPUTER ADDICTION!" by Volha Kruhlova (Secondary School #4 of Soligorsk, Belarus)

Learning Circle Group: Computer Chronicles Middle School 2015-2016
Sponsoring Teacher: Volha Kruhlova
Sponsor School: Secondary School #4
City: Soligorsk
Country: Belarus
Name of Project: No to Computer Addiction!
Goal of the Project: Tracing the time spent on the computer during a week and filling out the computer time log the students are supposed to come out with 3-5 tips on how to avoid computer addiction and improve their ways of living.

Web Quest:

1) Computer Time Logs:

Uma Parasuraman  (Kolkata, West Bengal, India):           
link to the logs from India

Ali Knight (Longmont, Colorado, United States):
link to the logs from Colorado, the USA

Anna Kolosova  (Baranovichi, Brest Region, Belarus):
link to the logs from Baranovichi, Belarus    

Dorina Vacari  (Drochia, Moldova):     
link to the logs from Moldova         

Robin Sheridan  (Mendham, New Jersey, United States):     
link to the logs from New Jersey, the USA      

Volha Kruhlova  (Soligorsk, Minsk Region, Belarus):     
link to the logs from Soligorsk, Belarus           

2) Online Poll "What do you use the Internet for?":

3) Padlet "How to avoid computer addiction?"

Dear iEARN friends!

Let's say "NO" to computer addiction and make our lifestyles healthier!

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